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    Good books

    After reducing the amount of time spent on a certain social networking site I've had the opportunity to get back to reading some good books. Most recently I read Open: The Andre Agassi autobiography and it blew me away, totally captivating and managed to knock it out in about 4 nights. I'm not in the slightest a tennis fan but there is no need with this book. Definitely worth the read.
    I am also a good chunk into Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE, Phil Knight. Its also well worth the read.
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    Reading Chuck Klosterman's "What if we're wrong?" at the moment. Which explores how we see the world now vs how we'll be remembered.

    “Every time I learn the truth about something, I’m disappointed”
    ― Chuck Klosterman, Eating the Dinosaur
    “Presidents lie all the time. Really great presidents lie. Abraham Lincoln managed to end slavery in America partially by deception. (In an 1858 debate, he flatly insisted that he had no intention of abolishing slavery in states where it was already legal — he had to say this in order to slow the tide of secession.) Franklin Roosevelt lied about the U.S. position of neutrality until we entered World War II after the attack on Pearl Harbor. (Though the public and Congress believed his public pledge of impartiality, he was already working in secret with Winston Churchill and selling arms to France.) Ronald Reagan lied about Iran-Contra so much that it now seems like he was honestly confused. Politically, the practice of lying is essential. By the time the Lewinsky story broke, Clinton had already lied about many, many things. (He’d openly lied about his level of commitment to gay rights during the ’92 campaign.) The presidency is not a job for an honest man. It’s way too complex. If honesty drove the electoral process, Jimmy Carter would have served two terms and the 2008 presidential race would have been a dead heat between Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.”
    ― Chuck Klosterman
    This one is quite relevant this week
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